1.What is FOP

4PX Open Platform (FOP) is an open platform based on all kinds of business. It is the entrance for 4PX service. FOP includes a number of features that enable you to smoothly deliver 4PX services, such as APIs, account systems, authorization, and data security. Its mission is to "deliver the services of the 4PX to you fast and smooth"

2.What can FOP offer

FOP provides comprehensive and stable logistics API services for 4PX customers and software service providers, mainly covering: pickup, delivery, direct shipping, warehouse delivery, transrush, tracking, electronic recipe and so on. 4PX is committed to building a cross-border supply chain to provide customers with comprehensive and excellent logistics services. FOP is your entrance to recieve 4PX service:As a seller, your ERP system will achieve seamless connection with the 4PX platform system through FOP;As a software service provider, your can develop commercial software systems for sellers based on the services of the 4PX through FOP;

3.Why choose FOP

Versatile——User can enjoy the versatility provided by FOP for various of bussiness scenario, through different kinds of APIs.
Robust——4PX focuses on cross-border logistics for more than ten years through its stable platform. It has been exploring and summarizing and has formed a robust business structure. The technology adopts the standard REST framework and is developed by senior developers. FOP is a robust and stable program.
Effortless——Just 5 step to sign up for FOP and access 4PX serive, effortless.
Costless——No need for multiple docking. Once sign up for FOP, your can enjoy 4PX integrated cross-border logistics services.